CrossStitch Ghosts


I was inspired to create this when watching Lindsay create some cross-stitch a few years ago, and fancied making something nice for myself.

The design is based on something I found on the internet, but restyled slightly to suit my tastes, its clearly based on the pacman ghosts, but simplified to fit the scale of the cross-stitch I was making.

There are only 6 colours used; White, Black, Red, Green, Yellow and Blue, so its very easy to make and I’d recommend it as a project for someone starting out with cross-stitch.


I created the design using KXStitch but unfortunately I’ve long since lost the original drawings, aside from a small extract of the “Hello”.

First attempt

This was the first Hello typeface I tried out, but it didn’t seem in-keeping with the 8-bit style, but you can see the ghosts underneath taking shape.

Hello Prototype with ghosts

The Hello

This was another attempt at a suitable typeface, and the one I finally settled on. You can see the edge of other speech bubbles that held now lost designs.

Hello Prototype


Its mounted on a small easel from The Works which I bought for 99p a while ago.


The design was matched to fit the canvas size, but I simply ripped the canvas off and glued the cross-stitch material around the edge and trimmed to fit.

What next?

As the material is quite thin, I’m thinking that it’d be interesting to mask out the bottom half and illuminate the ‘Hello’ bubble, and maybe the eyes of the ghosts.