Here is a list of projects I’m working on in my spare time, they’re in a variety of stages and they often involve clocks in some way, but take a look if you’re interested.

Nebulous Ideas - aka The Weekender

These are project ideas which havn’t quite gotten off the ground in any substantial way. They’re probably weekend jobs, or perhaps even just a few hours, but I always need just one more part, or my desktop isn’t quite running the right software so they’ve not gotten much further than being ideas.

  • Tea Counter
    • Using the load cell from a set of digital scales, measure the weight of a kettle and guesstimate how many brews are consumed over time
  • Sandwich Safe
    • Add some pointless blinky LEDs, NFC displays and other gubbins to my sandwich box (which looks like a flight case)
  • Strain Gauge
    • Using data of active transactions per minute, create a physical representation of the data using a old fashioned steam gauge
  • Digital Picture Frame
    • Create a digital picture frame which shows pictures retrieved from Facebook/Twitter friends so its always kept up to date
  • Herding Cats - A robot, or pair, which tries to locate an object or point by asking a user (or other robot) if hes cold, warm, hot or found it - A simple html page could present the four options and the robot then has to trianulate its position and where it suspects the object is