About Toby

Photo Credit: Jürgen Matern

About Toby


I’m Toby, and I’m really glad you’ve found my site, I’m not the best writer in the world, and most of the time I wish I could just dictate my thoughts and let someone else do the writing, so I hope you’ll forgive any typos, grammar or extraordinary abuse of the humble comma.

Who I am

I’m a bit of a dabbler, a jack of all trades and master of some. I love finding out new things, learning little bits of this and that and discovering new ways of putting unexpected things together.

I live in the beautiful city of Bath (UK) with my fiancée in a house filled with exciting half finished projects, books on every subject and and a rather messy garden.

What I do

Outside the office

In the past I’ve been involved with bath hacked creating and manipulating open data for the Bath community. Checkout our work on the bathhacked.org website or in GitHub @bathhacked.

I’m also on Twitter…

I love playing with electronics projects, and whilst I have a problem finishing any before I get interested in something new, I’ve always got something interesting on the go.

Working Life

I’m a Senior Operations Engineer working for Future PLC, where I help our Development and Operations team deliver an infrastructure to support millions of daily views to a number of highly visible brands.

Checkout View Toby Jackson's profile on LinkedIn or my online CV if you want to know more about my working life.